Pam & Steve

Brenda’s sister Pam and her fiancée Steve visited us last week. We took them out on the boat for a trip down to Georgetown, SC on the boat. Pam and Steve were our first official guests onboard for a cruise. We went on Mother’s Day, Sunday the 14th which was a great day. Light breeze, a little cool, and clear skies.

Steve checking out what’s ahead

While cruising, we saw many Osprey, two bald eagles, a sea turtle, and several dolphins.

We cruised down the Waccamaw river to Georgetown, then when out the inlet at Winyah Bay for about a half mile. The waves were pretty strong beyond the breakwaters, so we turned around and came back in.

Pam on the boat

It took about 2 hours (not rushing) to open ocean from the marina. We went pretty slow in places watching for birds and gators. After turning around, we headed back north to Georgetown harbor and docked at the public dock. After docking, we walked on the river front dock and found a restaurant for lunch. After lunch we headed back up to Murrells Inlet and docked at the marina.

Osprey Nests

Bald Eagle


Georgetown Light

Coming into Georgetown Harbor

Docked in Georgetown

In all we did about 6 hours underway and 52 nautical miles. Everyone had a great time, and the docking both in Georgetown (which was tight), and back at Wacca Wache was “almost” perfect (If I do say so myself)!