Mary-Jo and Mike

On Monday, May 15th, we had a great visit with Mike & Mary-Jo Antosca. Mike is our retirement planner and he was here visiting his Mom for Mother’s Day. We took them out on the boat for a ride and were able to find some fun wildlife for them to see.

We saw several Osprey nest with some fledgling Osprey. We cruised around Longwood Island, and then up Bull Creek. In Bull Creek, we came across two gators! A good 8-9 footer swimming in the river. He didn’t seem at all disturbed by the boat. We were able to get as close as 20 feet before he ducked under the water. A little farther up, we saw another smaller one sunning himself on a log along with a few turtles.

Fledgling Osprey

Gator in the river

Gator sunning himself

Osprey nest on an ICW marker

We were out for just under 2 hours and covered 10 nautical miles.