Robert and Diane our MTOA friends, suggested a trip to Bald Head Island in North Carolina near Wilmington. We scheduled it for September 24th to the 28th. We were initially worried that the hurricanes would interrupt our trip, but as all of the hurricanes have missed us so far this year, we had great weather and good facilities.

Brenda and I left on Kissed Some Frogs, around noon on Sunday the 24th, and headed up to Lightkeepers marina in Little River, SC, about 35 miles north on the ICW. Robert and Diane keep their boat “Morning Starr” at Lightkeepers and we arranged to meet them there and spend the night. It was a great day and there was very little traffic on the waterway so we made good time. We got in to Lightkeepers around 3:00 just as Robert and Diane were arriving. James the dockmaster was great and got us a slip just down the dock from Robert and Dianne. Once we tied up, we found that our A/C pump had failed (sigh). Following the lead from the Eclipse Escapade with Roberts boat (I think he might be the curse), we did the water hose trick and got the A/C in the bedroom running so that we could sleep cool. There was a nice breeze in the marina so we just opened up the doors and that kept the salon comfortable.

That evening we went to Ella’s of Calabash just across the border in Calabash NC for an excellent seafood dinner. Calabash seafood is sort of like the New England Clam Shack style. Super fresh and mostly fried. After dinner we returned to our boats, and retired early so that we could get a fresh start up to Bald Head Island in the morning.

On Monday AM, we left Lightkeepers at 9:00 AM and headed north on the ICW to Bald Head Island. Morning Starr is a single engine trawler so we let them take the lead and set the pace. It was a cool morning and we had to put on sweatshirts for most of the trip.

As we passed the inlets, we were glad that we were running inside the Intracoastal Waterway as the waves were breaking very strongly just off shore. The wind and wave reports said 8 to 12 foot waves just offshore!

There were lot’s of birds and we saw a pair of dolphins along the way. There were also many wrecks and damaged docks still left from Hurricane Matthew along the way.

In Holden beach we passed Diane and Roberts house, and the seafood shack on the waterway where they get their fish & shrimp.