Our Favorite Boating Accessories

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Here are some of our favorite boating items that we get asked where we got them from time to time.


Captains T-Shirts!

Available for most makes of boats. Show your Captains Pride in your boat. Many colors are available! They also sell tote bags with Brand Logos!

Visit: Feeling Nauti Shop on Etsy

Anchor Marker Setup

When we anchor, we use this setup to mark the location of our anchor. It’s a great reference for where your anchor is, and it gives you a way to recover your anchor if it gets stuck! The Marker Ball is bright and easily seen even in the dark. The “Bungie Rope” stretches from 14′ to 50′ for various anchor depths so it doesn’t get snagged. Also, it has a 2500 lb load force, so you can use it to pull your anchor backward if it gets stuck. Just clip one end to the ball and the other to the back of your anchor (opposite where your chain attaches)

Replace the clip on the anchor end of the bungie with a carabiner to fit your anchor and for extra strength. (3″ and 4″ clips available)

Click on the links below to see the parts on Amazon.

Best Fender For The Loop!

This is the best fender for the great loop! It is wide and great for rafting. However, the best use is for pilings, especially for the docks on Lake Michigan that have exposed 6″x6″ posts. This fender wraps around pilings and keeps it from shifting. You can either tie it around the post, which protects you in tidal areas or, tie it to your boat for rafting. Three sizes are available. We prefer the medium size.

Available on Amazon: Taylor Rafting Fenders
Use these Taylor Made Fender Hanger Line Screws to attach lines to the fenders.


NordVPN – Local TV on the Loop!

When traveling, we use NordVPN’s SmartDNS service to get our Local TV stations while streaming on our TV.

In Canada, we can also get around the country block to use our Netflix, AppleTV, and YouTube TV streaming services. (This would work in the Bahamas too!)

Check out our FAQ on Internet and TV on the Loop for more details.

Get a special offer on NordVPN of up to 66% off!


nebo Vessel Tracking & Logging

nebo is a Free App that runs on your phone and tracks your vessels, giving you incredibly detailed voyage logs. You can share your location with friends and interact with your boating community.

Keep tabs on all your boat trips. Your track, weather, speed, duration, photos, and more are automatically collated for all your boats.

nebo also offers nebolink for fully automated tracking! The nebolink will detect the start and end of your voyage so you never forget to capture the journey.

nebo is the preferred tracking system for The Great Loop and is recommended by the AGLCA!

Check out nebo today!

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