We have made it to our first extended stop. Tim and Brenda, who we are traveling with, are going to a family gathering for a week, and Brenda and I will rent a car and drive up to visit family and friends in New Hampshire.

Day 15 – Deltaville, VA to Solomons Island, MD – 67 miles, Travel Time: 6hrs 6min

We had a good trip from Deltaville to Solomons Island, MD. The boat ran great, and aside from a bit of chop, it was pretty smooth sailing.

We’ve stayed on Solomons Island a few times and really like the place. Lots of local charm! Because this was just a quick overnight, we stayed on the non-town side of the bay at Calvert Marina. $54 for the night, power included! It’s not much to write home about, but it’s easy in, easy out, and inexpensive. We took an “Uber Like” ride (it’s a guy “Randy” who lives at the marina and will drive you like Uber without the Uber rates.) to a local micro-brewery, the “Ruddy Duck” for dinner, then walked to the local grocery store for some supplies, and had Randy pick us up from there.

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Day 16 – Solomons Island, MD to Baltimore, MD – 77.3 miles, Travel Time: 6hrs 58min

We had initially planned on stopping at Saint Michaels or Annapolis, but in checking the weather, we saw that Sunday through Tuesday were marginal weather days with higher winds and a chance of rain and thunderstorms. Both The Frog and Indigo have had bad days on the Chesapeake due to bad weather, so we decided that since we had a good day, we would head straight to Baltimore.

The trip was good, with a bit of chop, but nothing uncomfortable until we got into Baltimore Harbor and started getting waked by all the fishing and pleasure boats out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. As we entered Baltimore Harbor, we went under the Francis Scott Key bridge and past the red, white, and blue channel marker that marks where Francis Scott Key watched the bombardment of Fort McHenry and wrote the Star Spangled Banner.

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We are staying at the Anchorage Marina, which is just off of downtown. Saturday nights, they have a live band that we went to listen to.

Depending on the weather, we have a couple of sightseeing events planned before we both leave on Friday. We hope to go over to Fort McHenry and catch a baseball game. The Baltimore Orioles are playing the Tronto Blue Jays. We will be near Toronto later in the trip, so it’s fitting!

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We probably won’t be updating until we return to Baltimore on the 27th of June, so stay tuned!

Also, thank you for all the comments and interest in our adventure! We love sharing it!

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Thanks for visiting! –Tom & Brenda

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  1. Wallace Cassels Reply

    Nothing better than drinking coffee and reading your blog in the morning while watching the boats go by. Be safe. Maybe one evening we will see you and your wife again at Provisions in Murrells Inlet SC..

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