Our mechanic Michael from A&M Marine, and his technician Mendy, invited me over to the shop yesterday to watch the start of our Port Engine (a rare privilege)! After bleeding the injectors, it fired right up and ran amazingly! The Port engine with repaired transmission will go back into the boat on Thursday. The Starboard engine is well on its way, and they hope to do the test run on that Friday, with an installation on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Also, this weekend, I had the boat towed to Hazzard Marine and swapped out my old Sideshift stern thruster for a new Side-Power unit. The Side-Power is much more heavy-duty. I’ve gone through two motors on the Sideshift, and the manufacturer is not helpful. If you came here looking for a review on the Sideshift, I’d say stay away.

The new Side-Power was a much more involved installation, and as with all projects, there were a few hick-ups, but I got it installed in a day, and it works great. Also, while the boat was out of the water, I took the opportunity to touch up my bottom paint.

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We’re still hoping to be back operational by the end of next week. Georgetown, SC, where we are having our boat repaired, is the home of the Blue Marlin Tournament from May 24th to the 27th. The big Sport Fish boats start arriving on the 18th, and the marina wants us gone before then.

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  1. John Hildebrandt Reply

    Tom…..All I can think about all this is the huge amount of “Boat Bucks” all this work must cost ! Hope it all comes together and that you guys can get on your way around the loop…John

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