What’s the meaning behind the name “Kissed Some Frogs”?

Tom has run two software development companies. His first, Leading Edge Media, was fortunate enough to start working with a group of entrepreneurs in London England in 1998. One of the entrepreneurs was fond of quoting the old adage, “you have to kiss some frogs (to find your prince)” when deciding on a new product line or course of action. In essence, he was saying “take a chance”. Several other famous entrepreneurs also were fond of the concept of kissing frogs: Thomas Edison, Dean Kamen (the inventor of the Segway)  to name but two.

The original KSF logo

So, in 2008, when I started my second software company, I named it “KSF International” for “Kiss Some Frogs”. Over the years I’ve taken many chances in business and have kissed my share of frogs. Many were just frogs (some a bit slimier than others), a few I think were hallucinogenic frogs, and fortunately a few turned out to be Princes. In business, the willingness to take a chance and try new and radical concepts is what drives success. You just have to be able to recognize when a frog is just a frog, pivot, and find the next one in the pond.

There’s also an equally important message in this Brothers Grimm parable about not pre-judging people based on appearance and giving everyone a chance. You can read a bit about the story here.

So, I credit “kissing some frogs” as a major contributor to the success in business that has enabled us to realize our dream of boat ownership. Thus our name is “Kissed Some Frogs”, and I HOPE that our boat is indeed a Prince and not a toad!

One more bit of advice. When life gives you frogs, kiss em’, those that aren’t Princes… make frog legs!
Emeril Lagasse’s “Sauteed Frog Legs with Tomato Garlic Butter” recipe.

Did you know the original Brothers Grimm story didn’t have a Kiss?!?!

Kiss Some Frogs To Find Your Prince
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