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One of the most frustrating things about running an internet Blog is the number of Hackers who try to break into the site, either to use it as a base to send spam or for some other nefarious reason.

Much of the software that runs the Blog and an enormous amount of the time we spend administering it is an attempt to circumvent these attempts. We often wonder what excellent, fabulous, innovative, profitable software products these arguably talented individuals could develop if they directed their efforts toward legal, ethical, and productive endeavors.

The other frustrating thing about running an internet Blog is dealing with software bugs. We are ALMOST sure you ended up here because you encountered a bug in the software. For this, we sincerely apologize! We will do our best to correct it.

In either case, Bug Victim or Hacker, we are glad you cared enough to visit our Blog!

We encourage Bug Victims to…

We encourage Hackers to…

If you keep being redirected to this page, it means that our security software has blocked you for a while. May we suggest that you take the advice of the Wizard of Oz and “Go away and come back tomorrow.

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