From April 14th, 2019 to April 4th, 2020, Brenda and I did America’s Great Loop, a 6,000+ mile trip around the Eastern United States and Canada by water.

Our Loop Stats

Prices have been adjusted to US $ from Canadian $ for Canadian charges.

Number of Days357 days
Engine Hours663.5 hrs
Generator Hours578.0 hrs
Travel Hours (Includes time waiting for locks/bridges with engines off)788.2 hrs
Nautical Miles5,502.4 nm
Statute Miles6,332.1 miles
Average Speed (9.1 mph – statute)7.9 knots
Fuel Purchased5,087.5 gallons
Fuel Cost $16,720
Average Price per Gallon (Diesel) $2.87/gal
Average Gallons per Nautical mile1 gallon/mile
Average Gallons per Hour7.6 gal/hour
Nights at a marina
(we counted nights on a lock wall in Canada as slip nights)
322 nights
Total Slip Fees (includes electric)
Includes Parks Canada Lock Wall mooring Pass.
Average price/foot/night$1.61/ft
Nights at Anchor7
Total Locks Transited154
Propeller Strikes4

Our Route

If you have read our Blog post about “Americas Great Loop” then you have learned that there are many options for routes to complete the Great Loop.

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