No, you don’t. We thought about installing one before we left but decided to install a stern thruster instead. The majority of marinas we stopped at have laundry facilities either free or at a nominal cost. In a few places, we had to walk or take an Uber to a laundromat.

Usually, we would load the washer or dryer, set a timer on our phone, and do something while we washed and dried. We never had an issue with leaving our laundry. In a few cases, we found that someone had taken our laundry out of the machine when it was done so that they could use it, but it was always carefully placed. It was rare that we would have to wait for a machine. We did try to pick our laundry times to avoid the “rush.” Saturday morning is NOT the time to do your laundry, especially in marinas with many liveaboards.

We kept a container of quarters (get CANADIAN quarters for Canada) and a small container of soap pods and dryer sheets. Typically, a load would cost between $1.25 and $2.00. I think the most we paid was at a laundromat in Canada at $2.50 (Canadian) per load. Washers and dryers on boats use a lot of water and put a lot of soap into the marine environment. We are glad we got the stern-thruster instead!

On our second Loop, we felt the same way; doing laundry at the marina facility was easy and a great chance to chat with other Loopers. The only difference on Loop 2 was that the prices increased, sometimes as much as $4.00 a load!

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