During our trip, we came home three times: from Half-Moon-Bay on the Hudson River in New York, Kingston in Ontario, Canada, and Mobile, Alabama. In general, if you live East of the Mississippi, there is really no place on the Loop that is more than a two-day drive away.

Many marinas give excellent weekly rates, and if you slip the dockmaster $20, they are happy to watch your boat (and water your plants). We rented cars in New York and Mobile to drive home to South Carolina. Enterprise car rental agencies have discounts for Loopers and are located close to many marinas on the route. When we came home from Ontario, we decided to make it an adventure. We took a VIA-Rail Train from Kingston to Toronto, then flew from Toronto directly to Myrtle Beach. We took the same route back. The trains in Canada are excellent!

We know a couple who are still working and did most of the loop in two-week sections. Two weeks on the boat, then leave it and come home for two weeks. They never had a problem finding a place to leave the boat. We also met several boaters who moved a car along with them. Typically, they stay in marinas along the route for several weeks before moving along. When they get to the new marina where they are staying, they will go back to the prior marina (either by rental car, Uber, or public transport) and move the car to the new marina. One hint we were given is that in a pinch, U-Haul is a great alternative for one-way when rental cars are not available.

On our second Loop, we only traveled home once from Mobile, Alabama. We have moved to Florida, so it was only a six-hour ride in a rental car. Another trick we learned is that if you rent at an airport location, there frequently is no one-way drop-off fee.

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