There are tons! We like to eat out when we travel and tend to look for “non-chain” restaurants when we are in port. We typically ask liveaboards on the dock or the marina staff for recommendations. They can give you the low-down on the hidden gems and tourist traps in the area. There were only a very few places that we stayed (very rural) where there was nothing available and we’ve only had a few bad experiences.

Delivery services are also an option if you don’t want to cook but don’t want to go out either. Pizza, of course, is the go-to option. There are also the apps like UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub to name but a few. We always look for local places that deliver first, then go to the services. A hint we use is that if you find a restaurant listed on one of the delivery apps like Uber Eats, go to their website and check out the full menu, and see if they will take an order over the phone first. Many restaurants limit the items they show on delivery apps, and there is an up-charge. By calling the restaurant directly, you may get a better deal or be able to fine-tune your choices. (Extra jalapenos for Tom, no cilantro for Brenda)

Several times on the trip, we would get together with other boaters and order several extra-large pizzas or a big bucket of KFC chicken and fixings. By ordering more, we had more choices and got a better deal by getting larger sizes and sharing the cost.

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