That is such a tricky question to answer because we have visited so many great places. If we had to pick our favorite section, it would be the Canadian Canals. The Rideau and Trent-Severn were amazing, and the people were very friendly. It was fun to do all of the locks, and there were many small towns for us to enjoy. Also, because the locks are relatively close, you tend to do short periods underway and spend more time exploring. We also really enjoyed the Hudson River; it was a unique experience to cruise through hills and valleys. Again, there were many interesting smaller towns and cities to stop at and explore.

On our second Loop, we revisited the places we enjoyed from our First Loop or wanted to share with our Travel Buddies. We purposely took a different route in some areas to experience new places. On our second Loop, one of the highlights was Tobermory, Ontario, and Soo-Saint-Marie! We also traveled down the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan this time, rather than sticking to the Michigan side.

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