We are Harbor Hosts! Harbor Hosts are AGLCA members who volunteer to assist other boaters at their home marinas. The MTOA also has a similar program called “Port Captains.” We provide a range of services, including advice on local services and restaurants, transportation, package delivery addresses, and just about anything you might need! We do it because we are giving back (or paying forward) to other Harbor Hosts who have helped us and the boating community. We primarily do it because we want to meet you! When we are home, it’s our connection to Loopers.

We have helped boaters with “Docktails!”, assistance in finding a local Emergency Medical Clinic, transportation to restaurants and local attractions, transportation to regional airports, transportation to find repair parts, help in installing parts, referrals to local mechanics, boat watching when they were away from their boat, assisting in negotiations with the local marina, and even help with buying and installing a new mattress! Please reach out to us, even if it’s just a quick “Hello we are at your marina!” it kis appreciated!

We highly suggest that you contact your local Harbor Hosts or Port Captains. You can look us up on the GreatLoop.org or MTOA.net websites. If you don’t reach out to us when you visit our marina, you just might hear a knock-knock on the side of your hull when we come and find you! How embarrassing would that be?!?!?!

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