Okay, this is probably the most asked question, so I’ll put it first. The answer is a qualified “Yes”. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would love to do it again. There are sections we had to fast-track through because of our “incident” in Canada that we want to visit again. There are a few areas we probably would not go back to, but that doesn’t mean that if we had a good excuse, we wouldn’t do it. We have already returned to Florida and completed the side trip down the St. John’s River that we skipped due to the pandemic. We’ve also sold our house in South Carolina and purchased a condominium in Florida on a marina to spend more time on the boat. Watch for future blogs!

UPDATE April 2024: The answer is a definite “YES,” we would do it again! We know because we just completed our Second Loop! We are now Platinum Loopers!

So, would we go around a THIRD time? Probably not all the way. We really didn’t care for the Rivers (Illinois, Mississippi, and Ohio) on the first Loop, and it was not any better on our Second Loop. We do plan on revisiting most of the rest of the Loop. We are planning a trip back up the Hudson River and into Canada for next year, and we would like to go backward up the Tenn-Tom waterway and visit some of the side stops like Nashville and Chattanooga. Watch for updates!

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